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   Photovoltaic Solar Systems     

Demand for electricity requires sophisticated solar collection. Also known as photovoltaics (PV), solar electric technology features  arrays of modules made up of silicon-coated cells. When sunlight strikes the surface of a PV cell, electrical fields are directed to electrons, resulting in a flow of current. PV electric systems require  components to properly conduct, control, convert, distribute, and store the energy produced by the array. Photovoltaic systems can be designed to provide DC and/or AC power service, can operate interconnected with or independent of the utility grid, and can be connected with other energy sources.

SolarWorld/Enphase Systems MyGen Solar Electric System

With utility rates continually on the rise, many Arizona residents are turning to solar electric systems to reduce electric bills as well as help the environment. SolarWorld/Enphase solar electric systems currently qualify for Arizona State Income Tax Credits as well as Federal Income Tax Credits.

SolarWorld/Enphase Systems are convenient and comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) power equipment packages designed specifically for residential grid tied application.  Pre-engineered systems provide everything you need to generate your own electricity. The components of the SolarWorld/Enphase System are carefully crafted for seamless integration and optimized performance. There are  packages to choose from ranging from 2.2W STC and larger. These systems meet applicable NEC  Arizona State codes and requirements and are installed by our own qualified technicians.

SolarWorld/Enphase Advantages

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